Emily Ratajkowski Dazzles in Vintage Sheer Dress at Met Gala 2024 After-Party

Emily Ratajkowski turned heads once again at the Met Gala 2024 after-party, donning her second sheer dress of the night. The model and actress, renowned for her daring fashion choices, collaborated with stylist Jorden Bickham to ensure her after-party look was nothing short of spectacular.

Emily Ratajkowski sheer Met Gala 2024 after party dress

Bickham, who Ratajkowski frequently consults for high-profile events, emphasized the importance of an after-party dress. “A great Met Gala after-party dress should never be an afterthought. It is something that you love so much you can almost imagine yourself wearing it on the red carpet,” she stated. This philosophy guided the creation of Ratajkowski’s look for the night, which needed to be both eye-catching and memorable.

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For the 2024 Met Gala, Bickham and Ratajkowski decided to embrace vintage fashion. Bickham turned to Alexis Novak at Tab Vintage, sourcing two archival pieces that perfectly aligned with the event’s theme, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” The theme highlighted the timelessness and fragility of fashion, concepts that Bickham and Ratajkowski wanted to embody through their choices.

“It is an incredible privilege to be able to dress someone like Emily in vintage for an event as special as the Met,” Bickham noted. She meticulously selected two dresses that represented the pinnacle of vintage couture. The first, a glittering silver sheath by Atelier Versace from 2001, and the second, a hand-beaded mini dress by Givenchy from 1998, designed by the legendary Lee McQueen.

The Atelier Versace dress, which Ratajkowski wore to the red carpet, required “a few nips and tucks” to ensure a perfect fit. This piece, with its intricate beading and sleek silhouette, epitomized early 2000s glamour. “They are in incredible shape considering they are both over 20 years old,” Bickham remarked, highlighting the care and preservation that went into maintaining these pieces.

The Givenchy after-party dress, adorned with bright blue stars and fringe, needed no alterations. This showgirl mini dress, entirely hand-beaded, captivated attendees with its bold and playful design. Bickham expressed admiration for the craftsmanship of the dress, stating, “They are incredibly fragile pieces, and I imagine they were then as much as they are now—there is something so special about that.”

Incorporating vintage pieces into Ratajkowski’s wardrobe was a deliberate choice to honor the past while making a statement in the present. “The dresses chose us. When you know, you know,” Bickham said, reflecting on the serendipitous nature of their selections.

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To complement the vintage dresses, Bickham and Ratajkowski made one modern concession for fashion’s biggest night: a custom Victoria’s Secret bra and thong. This lingerie set mimicked the original underwear McQueen designed for the Givenchy runway, ensuring the look was cohesive from head to toe. “As much care and attention to detail has to go into the after-party look from head to toe!” Bickham emphasized. This commitment to detail underscored the importance of every element in Ratajkowski’s ensemble.

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Ratajkowski’s choice to wear sheer, vintage dresses speaks to her fearless approach to fashion. Naked dresses, while a trend for many, are a staple in Ratajkowski’s wardrobe, reflecting her confidence and willingness to push boundaries. Bickham, understanding this, curated looks that were not just trendy but timeless, resonating with the Met Gala’s theme of reawakening fashion.

As the night drew to a close, Ratajkowski’s stunning after-party dress continued to capture the attention of photographers and attendees alike. The model’s ability to seamlessly blend vintage couture with contemporary flair solidified her status as a fashion icon. The collaboration with Bickham and Novak at Tab Vintage highlighted the enduring appeal of classic designs, proving that true style is indeed timeless.

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In conclusion, Emily Ratajkowski’s Met Gala 2024 after-party look was a testament to the enduring allure of vintage fashion. Through careful curation and a deep appreciation for fashion history, Ratajkowski and Bickham created a look that was both nostalgic and forward-thinking. The result was a show-stopping ensemble that celebrated the artistry of past designers while cementing Ratajkowski’s place in contemporary fashion.

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