Father and son revealed to be dating the same woman in new season of ‘disturbing’ reality show

The reality dating series has raised a few eyebrows with its unusual concept

There have been many unusual and questionable reality TV shows, but one has certainly got people talking.

Father and son revealed to be dating the same woman in new season of 'disturbing' reality show

Dating shows are a staple of the genre and there have been a few twists on a more old-school dating show which have sometimes proved controversial.

For example, British dating show Naked Attraction raised a few eyebrows online after having participants turn up completely naked.

Local father, son date same women in TLC show 'MILF Manor'

That’s definitely one to avoid watching with your mom!

But this dating show is probably one you’d want to avoid watching with your dad, given the unusual concept behind it.

This reality dating show is certainly controversial. (TLC)

Even for a dating show, this could be a somewhat daring and risqué concept, and some participants have shared their experiences working on the show.

College student and entrepreneur Joey, 21, told the New York Post: “It was a lot of emotions at once.”

So, what on earth is this show which gotten people talking so much?

Milf Manor Season 2 Male Cast Guide

It’s called MILF Manor, a subtle name, and sees a group younger men get paired up with single older women – or MILFs. That’s ‘Mom I’d Like to F…orm-a-meaningful-relationship-with’ for those who won’t know.

The young men try to pair off with the older women on the show, but for its new second season, there’s a twist.

That’s because later in the show, the young men’s dads turn up and start competing for the same women’s attention.

I’m not sure that’s quite what ‘quality time’ means.

MILF Manor (TV Series 2023– ) - News - IMDb

Joey shared his shock over his dad rocking up, saying: “Everyone was obviously shocked. But I was also kind of excited. Like me and my dad, we hang out. Honestly, it gave me something to look forward to.”

Joey’s dad Anthony told the New York Post: “It really took me by surprise, because we were thinking we were going on two separate dating shows…. when I walked in and I saw Joey, I was like, ‘Oh my God!’”

One of the games on MILF Manor. (TLC)

Despite the surprising twist and the pair gunning for the same woman, Anthony shared that this was not a new scenario for him and Joey.

He said: “You know, Joey dates older women. We go out [together], Joey’s like my brother, almost.

“We’ll go out on double dates. I let him develop himself. I give him the right direction, and I let him be him.”

Meet the fathers and sons of 'MILF Manor'

For his part, Joey went on to claim that the experience gave him ‘more confidence’.

The pair also clarified that they didn’t feel as though they were ‘competing’ with one another on the show.

Nonetheless, Joey added that there were still elements of the show which were ‘definitely uncomfortable’. You can say that again!

Local father, son date same women in TLC show 'MILF Manor'


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