‘I left UK a young wife – I returned with crazy body count earning £200k a month’

Rising adult star Bonnie Blue, 25, hasn't always been making the headlines

Rising adult star Bonnie Blue, 25, hasn’t always been making the headlines (Image: Bonnie Blue/Instagram)

A racy viral sensation who is making headlines for sleeping with hundreds of blokes across the globe left the UK as a quiet wife.

Bonnie Blue has made waves in the adult industry with her saucy antics including a recent stunt in Mexico with 122 students from the US during Spring Break. In fact she has recently only left blighty after jetting halfway across the globe to making realistic content with ordinary blokes.

Despite facing criticism for her activities, she has remained unapologetic and is excited about continuing to have fun with inexperienced young men. But it hasn’t always been like that for the blonde beauty who hails from Nottingham.

Prior to her move to Australia in 2021 Bonnie described her life in the UK as quiet, reserved and peaceful, with walks in the countryside.

Bonnie Blue

Bonnie used to live a quiet and reserved life (Image: bonnie_blue_xo/Instagram)

She very rarely partied or drank alcohol, and had only slept with five men.Bonnie got married to her boyfriend at a young age and settled down for a comfortable life. When the pair moved to Australia’s Gold Coast, she initially started her new life working a 9-to-5 job in financial recruitment.

But she found she wasn’t living her new life the way she wanted to with long hours, limited pay and restricted annual leave.

Bonnie Blue
The 9-5 life wasn’t for Bonnie, who ditched it to become a cam girl (Image: bonnie_blue_xo/Instagram)

And when her marriage didn’t work out, the Brit with the girl-next-door looks decided to make some drastic changes to her life.

She started off as a cam girl, where visitors to porn sites are able to speak to girls one-on-one, and pocketed between £2-2,500 in her first week alone.

When asked to make a promo video for her cam girl work, Bonnie says she thought if she was making money for that she may as well give OnlyFans a go.

Bonnie Blue
Within a year Bonnie has seen her OnlyFans income rise to more than £200k a month (Image: bonnie_blue_xo/instagram) 

And before too long she saw her earnings sky-rocketing.

After just one year she now earns more than £200,000 a month by filming realistic and relatable X-rated content, which she believes appeals to people as they can imagine themselves in those situations.

Before her trip to Spring Break, she first left a huge impression in the industry when she and fellow OnlyFans creators Kay Manuel and Leilani May invited school leavers at Australia’s infamous Schoolies at Surfers Paradise into their hotel to have sexy encounters with them.

Bonnie Blue
Bonnie landed back in Britain at the beginning of May (Image: Unknown) 

‌This month she returned to the United Kingdom for the first time since joining the subscription platform, and arrived back a very different person.

‌“There’s been a lot of judgment and jealousy,” said Bonnie of her homecoming.

“I had an old friend come up to me and say that I have no respect for myself and don’t deserve any in return, and another close friend tells me how her friends think she shouldn’t be friends with me anymore.

Bonnie Blue
‘My family is so proud of me, my dad loved it when I had someone come up and ask me for a photo the other day’ (Image: bonnie_blue_xo/Instagram) 

Hitting back, Bonnie said: “I don’t mind, they are judging me for having a million-dollar business whilst they live with their parents and have to work for someone else.”

‌However, not everyone is as unforgiving. Bonnie’s family are her biggest fans.

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