‘I wore nothing but body paint to Arsenal match – then it started dripping’

Arsenal fanatic Arabella Mia is heading to the USA to work with top p*rn star Dredd, but she’s opened up on the cheeky football stadium stunt that made her famous

porn star arabella mia

An Arsenal fan and adult star who wore nothing but body paint to a match admitted she feared the worst after the paint started “dripping”.

Arabella Mia told Adam22 and Lena the Plug, hosts of the notorious Plug Talk, podcast that she got her start through TikTok. “I was posting videos on TikTok every day, and then I started doing the s*x education content and that really took off,” she said.

Fans noticed that she always wore a pendant proclaiming her love of the North London team, and that helped gain her a whole new audience. But she gained real notoriety after attending games wearing little more than the club-branded jewellery.

“I’ll go to the Arsenal Stadium, paint myself in the kit and then go and chat to loads of people.” Arabella admits that there is always a risk that the body paint could come off.

porn star arabella mia
(Image: Instagram/greengirlbela)

“You’re basically n@k*d,” she said. “You do sweat a bit in the summer – it was quite bad because you’d lift up your arms and there would be paint dripping down and then underneath the boobs too.

“But for the most part it stays on – we did it in the rain and it didn’t come off in the rain.” Arabella explained that real fans will spot a clue that she’s not completely n@k*d under the paint.

She continued: “Everything’s covered. I think people assume that it’s just my n*pples under the paint, but why would my n*pples be that flat?

“True fans know my n*pples are pierced so they’re not flat.”

porn star arabella mia

Arabella says that people who assume she knows nothing about football, because she’s a girl, soon find out they’re wrong
Arabella also hit back at the assumption that women can’t be real football fans. She continued: “I get a lot of people telling me ‘you’re a girl you have no idea what you’re talking about,’ but then they see an interview and they realise they’re wrong.”“A lot of girls do use it for like specific marketing. They pretend that they’re fans.“I remember I was trying to get people to do the whole body painting thing with me, but it was so hard to actually find girls who firstly supported a team and secondly were actually wanted to be body painted in public.”

porn star arabella mia
(Image: Instagram/greengirlbela)

Arabella’s huge success with her UK fanbase led to interest in the US, first with an invitation to the Plug Talk show, where host Adam and Lena film a s*x tape with every guest after the interview and then for a scheduled video shoot with Dredd, the Miami-born p*rn star famed for his outsized penis.

“I almost got banned from OnlyFans once,” she added. “I was doing Arsenal stuff and they thought that I was talking about an arsenal of weapons.” She thought that an AI had scanned her account and assumed she was performing s*x acts using actual g*ns.

“My main goal is to be known by as many people as possible, “ Arabella added. “I’m known as ‘the Arsenal girl’ and obviously that in turn comes with the way that my a**e looks as well. I like that title.”


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