Instagram Model Jade Ramey Responds to Allegations: “My Feelings Have Never Been for Entertainment”

Jade Ramey, an Instagram model, has found herself in the spotlight recently due to allegations in legal documents accusing her of being financially supported by music mogul Diddy. Addressing these claims, Ramey, through her publicist Eve Sarkisyan, firmly denied any wrongdoing and shared her perspective on the situation.

“Dating someone doesn’t directly correlate to any of the false allegations made,” Ramey told “Entertainment Tonight” in a statement. She continued, “Yes, I dated someone. It’s unfortunate we’ve entered a time where caring for someone or falling in love is scrutinized in the court of public opinion. What may be amusing for you is real life for others, and my feelings have never been for entertainment, nor are they up for discussion.”

Ramey emphasized the importance of being more considerate as a society when judging people’s lives and relationships merely for entertainment. She expressed gratitude for the support she has received, concluding, “I appreciate everyone’s kind messages and support during this time. Thank you.”

The allegations against Ramey are part of a broader lawsuit filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones against Diddy. According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Jones claims that Diddy not only supported Ramey financially but also provided funds to City Girls rapper Yung Miami and 50 Cent’s ex, Daphne Joy, for similar reasons. The documents further allege that a female accountant named Robin Greenhill managed these payments.

Jones’ lawsuit also accuses Lucian Charles Grainge, CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG), of authorizing financial resources to be provided to Diddy and his record label, Love Records, through wire transfers facilitated by Motown Records and UMG. These funds were then allegedly transferred to Diddy and Love Records’ accountant, Robin Greenhill, who ensured the payments to various individuals were completed.

In his lawsuit, Jones alleges that he was sexually assaulted by Diddy, which led to his $30 million legal action. Yung Miami, who confirmed her relationship with Diddy in June 2022, has not responded to these claims.

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In response to the lawsuit, an attorney for Lucian Grainge released a statement to Page Six, calling the claims “offensively reckless.” The statement read, “In an offensively reckless complaint, Sir Lucian has been improperly dragged into this matter despite having no knowledge of, nor any involvement in, any of Mr. Combs’ alleged conduct. Further, after we advised Plaintiff’s counsel of the offensive falsity of the absurd claims, instead of dismissing the claims, as they should have done, the plaintiff has now attempted to amend his claims against Sir Lucian, removing the original set of outrageous falsehoods related to Sir Lucian, replacing them with wholly contradictory new falsehoods that are equally absurd. Not only will we demonstrate the offensive falsity of these claims, but we will seek recovery of every penny of cost and damage caused by their assertion.”



Ramey and Diddy were first romantically linked in December 2022, shortly after Diddy announced the birth of his youngest daughter, Love, with Dana Tran. Photos of the two kissing brought them into the public eye, and since then, their relationship has been a topic of much speculation.

In March, the Department of Homeland Security conducted raids on Diddy’s properties in Los Angeles and Miami as part of the ongoing investigation. Diddy’s current attorney, Aaron Dyer, described the raids as a “witch hunt” and criticized the authorities for what he called an “excessive show of force.”

Former attorney for Diddy, Shawn Holley, responded to the allegations in Jones’ lawsuit, labeling them as “pure fiction” and an attempt to garner headlines. Despite the ongoing legal issues, Diddy was seen in Miami, appearing unbothered as he enjoyed a day on his personal dock, scrolling on his phone and relaxing. He was also spotted riding his bike from his Star Island estate to South Beach.

Jade Ramey’s career as an Instagram model has seen her amass a significant following due to her engaging content and striking looks. Before the allegations, Ramey was primarily known for her fashion and lifestyle posts, which garnered her a dedicated fanbase. Her social media presence has been marked by a blend of professional modeling shots and candid moments, which have helped her connect with her audience on a personal level.

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Ramey’s involvement with Diddy, however, has shifted some of the attention away from her career to her personal life. Despite the negative press, Ramey remains focused on her work and continues to engage with her followers. She has expressed that her relationship with Diddy, like any other relationship, was based on genuine feelings and should not be subject to public scrutiny or judgment.

The allegations have undoubtedly impacted Ramey, but she has shown resilience and a commitment to maintaining her integrity and professional reputation. Her statement underscores the emotional toll such public accusations can have and highlights the need for empathy and understanding from the public.

The case against Diddy has broader implications beyond the personal lives of those involved. It raises questions about the intersection of fame, privacy, and the legal system. The media’s role in amplifying such allegations and the court of public opinion often complicate the personal and professional lives of those under scrutiny.

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As the legal proceedings continue, it remains to be seen how the case will unfold and what the ultimate outcomes will be for Diddy, Ramey, and others named in the lawsuit. For now, Ramey’s focus appears to be on navigating this challenging period with grace and dignity, continuing her career, and addressing the allegations head-on.

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CDN media

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In conclusion, Jade Ramey’s response to the allegations against her and Diddy emphasizes the importance of respecting personal relationships and recognizing the impact of public scrutiny. Her statement is a call for empathy and a reminder that behind every headline are real people with real emotions. As the legal battle progresses, Ramey’s resilience and commitment to her truth will likely continue to shape her public image and career.

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