Julia Fox Turns Heads at New York Film Premiere with Bold Fashion Statement

Julia Fox made a striking entrance at the Quad Cinema in New York for the premiere of Tommy Dorfman’s film, “Something You Said Last Night.” The 33-year-old model and actress is known for her bold fashion choices, and Friday night was no exception. Fox arrived in a daring ensemble that was both attention-grabbing and stylish.

Fox’s outfit for the evening featured a unique silver cage-style corset top paired with a sleek black maxi skirt. The corset, designed to be eye-catching, was complemented by sheer opera gloves, adding a touch of elegance to the avant-garde look. One of the most talked-about accessories of the night was her crow-shaped shoulder bag, which added an unexpected and artistic element to her ensemble.

Julia Fox was sure to command attention

To balance the boldness of her outfit, Fox opted for a bronzed makeup look with dark glossy lipstick. Her brunette hair was styled in soft waves, perfectly complementing her overall appearance. She completed the look with a smart black jacket, matching handbag, and nude heels, maintaining a sophisticated yet edgy vibe.

Julia Fox accessorized with a very realistic bird bag

Fox is not only known for her acting skills but also for her fearless approach to fashion. As one of the executive producers of “Something You Said Last Night,” she attended the premiere to support the film, which follows the story of an aspiring writer in her twenties named Ren and her younger sister Siena.

Julia Fox posed with Tommy Dorfman

Recently, Fox has been the subject of fashion discussions, particularly for her New York Fashion Week outfit. She faced criticism for wearing a chain bra with matching bottoms, paired with a black trench coat. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Fox addressed the backlash, expressing her confusion over the controversy surrounding her fashion choices.

Julia Fox recently came under fire for this very revealing number

“I got in trouble for that one. There were a lot of haters, saying: ‘This is unacceptable. This is setting such a bad example.’ But, it’s like: ‘Why? It’s just my body,'” Fox stated. She emphasized that her fashion choices are a form of self-expression and should not be judged harshly.


Fox’s willingness to push fashion boundaries is part of what makes her a standout figure in the industry. She explained that her everyday attire is quite the opposite of her red carpet looks. “If people could see what I dress like in my day-to-day, it’s literally like boxers, stained, dirty T-shirts, Adidas slides. It’s not this. That’s kind of why when I do get dressed up, I want to go all out because my real life is so unglamorous,” she shared.

Julia Fox’s approach to fashion is both fearless and unapologetic. Her bold choices often spark conversations, and she remains unfazed by critics. She continues to make memorable appearances at major events, always bringing her unique style to the forefront.

Fox’s brief romance with Kanye West also attracted significant media attention. The two dated for a short period following West’s divorce from Kim Kardashian. Despite the high-profile nature of their relationship, Fox has remained focused on her career and personal growth.

As Julia Fox continues to navigate her career in Hollywood and the fashion world, she remains a prominent figure known for her distinctive style and confident attitude. Whether she’s producing films or making headlines with her fashion choices, Fox consistently leaves a lasting impression.

The premiere of “Something You Said Last Night” was another opportunity for Fox to showcase her fashion-forward thinking. Her outfit, though unconventional, was a testament to her creativity and willingness to take risks. As she continues to break boundaries, Julia Fox is undoubtedly a name to watch in both the film and fashion industries.

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