Man claims he ‘accidentally’ had s*x with wife’s twin sister

It was probably the most awkward moment of their lives.

A man has taken to the internet to reveal the moment he ‘accidentally’ had sex with his wife’s twin sister.

The ashamed husband, who goes under the name Not Thesis, took to Reddit to tell the cringworthy story.

The man changed the name of his wife to Rachel and the sister to Jody for the story which sounds like something out of a movie.


He starts with being clear that he was friends with the sister.

“Even though they are twins, I absolutely have no interest in her.

“Jody is more of a ‘party girl’, selfish and vain (She has plastic b@@bs). My wife is sweet, all natural, kind and self-less.”

The trio decided to take a trip to Las Vegas and they all ended up getting very drunk.

The married pair end up going back to their room and leaving Jody at the bar talking to another man at about 2am.

The man says he fell asleep straight away and woke up in a ‘drunk and horny’ state and could feel his wife cuddling up.

He explains: “I thought it was a good time for s*xy time.

“I’m embarrassed to say but I only last about 2 minutes (Doesn’t matter, had s*x).”

But the joy turned to disaster when the man felt the b@@bs of his ‘wife’ and he realised he has the wrong woman.

He writes: “We cuddle and I start to fondle her b@@bs.

“I notice they were quite firm and almost balloon like. In my drunken state, I immediately froze.

“I realised I just f***** my wife’s sister,” he continued.

The real wife then catches the naked pair and starts screaming at them both.

The twin sister Jody wakes up and jumps out of bed.

“What the f*** is going on??” “Uh, umm, I didn’t.. uh umm” I couldn’t muster anything.

“My wife starts to cry and runs out the room.”

Jump forward to now and the pair are separated.

The author summarised the situation: “”Went to Vegas with my wife and sister. In a drunken state, accidentally had s*x with the sister. Getting divorce finalised soon.”


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