Man who lives with his three wives explains how intimate time works in their ‘boom boom room’

Man who lives with his three wives explains how intimate time works in their 'boom boom room'

The polyamorous Davis family have a whopping 12ft-wide bed

A polygamous reality star has explained how he makes his relationship with three wives work through the creation of a ‘boom boom room’.

Now traditionally, marriage is usually between two individuals whereas in the poly community relationships are a complex system involving multiple partners and equally divided attention.

For the Davis family, who star on the TLC reality series Seeking Sister Wife, the Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs navigate their relationship by utilising a 12ft bed and separate room for s*xual relations. Take a look:

Polygamous relationships account for around four to five percent of the American population (according to a study in 2021), with the TLC show documenting several of those relationships.

In one particular clip Nick and his wives Jennifer, April and Danielle take viewers on a tour of their unorthodox sleeping arrangement.

“We officially have a 12ft wide bed,” April explained, while Nick went on to add that the delivery company told him the only other person they had delivered this type of bed to was a member of the ‘Denver Nuggets’ basketball team.

Nick went on to acknowledge that most other polygamous couples didn’t sleep in the same bed together (because where are you supposed to buy 12ft bedsheets after all?) however that’s not how the Davis’ run their household.

The Davis family all share one 12ft bed. (TLC)

“But that’s just the way that we like to do it,” April added. “Because we don’t want to have to divide up that time with Nick.”

The couple went on to add that navigating their respective intimate relationships with Nick has been ‘trial and error’. However, Nick is able to give all of his wives attention thanks to a separate ‘boom boom room’ (yes you heard that right).

“Now we have the sleeping quarters taken care of, we might need to reload the boom boom room,” Nick announced to his wives.

Not all of Nick's wives like the phrase 'the boom boom room'. (Instagram/

But not all of his partners are on-board with the name, with newest wife Danielle telling the group ‘we can’t be calling it that’.

Nick wasn’t finished there when it came to sharing advice for polygamous couples either, with the husband-of-three utilising a rather unique space analogy to describe his relationship.

“As far as the s*xual attention that each of my wives receives, it’s kind of like a solar system,” Nick revealed, going on to refer to himself as the ‘sun’ and each of his wives as a different ‘planet’ rotating around him.

Nick explained how their sex lives work. (TLC)

“Each of the planets revolves around the sun in its own orbit, at its own distance. They don’t all receive the same amount of sunlight, but they all receive what they need to remain in their orbit.”

Viewers were left a little surprised to hear Nick refer to himself as the ‘sun’ to his wives, sharing their reactions in the comments of the video.

“I’ve never heard someone compare themselves to the sun… that was a first,” one person wrote, as another added: “These women were just referred to as planet… wtf.”

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