Models Showcase Creative Duct Tape Designs at Miami Swim Week

Innovative fashion took center stage at Miami Swim Week 2024, with models parading down the runway in unique duct tape ensembles. These eye-catching designs captivated the audience, proving that creativity knows no bounds when it comes to swimwear.

Miami Swim Week 2024 kicked off on Wednesday, May 29, featuring a diverse array of swimwear and beachwear. However, one of the most talked-about events was The Black Tape Project’s show on Sunday. The audience, rumored to include celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, was mesmerized by the imaginative duct tape designs that left little to the imagination.

The Black Tape Project, founded by Joel Álvarez, also known as Drakhan Blackhart, showcased a variety of styles during the event. Female models walked the runway wearing designs that ranged from black metallic rock-n-roll inspired outfits with crisscrossed straps and “garters” to colorful mosaics resembling high-waisted one-pieces made of fish scales. The intricate designs were strategically placed to create visually stunning patterns that highlighted the models’ figures.

The show, held at M2 nightclub in South Beach, was a part of the Art Hearts Fashion presentation. The innovative use of duct tape as swimwear has become a hallmark of The Black Tape Project, which Álvarez describes as the world’s only body tape brand. His journey began years ago in Miami’s hottest clubs, where he developed his techniques by taping dancers. “I had to work fast and make designs that wouldn’t fall apart when they danced. This is where I developed most of my techniques. Fifteen years later, here I am,” he explains on

The “swimsuits” showcased during the show were not only bold and daring but also demonstrated the versatility of duct tape as a fashion material. Some models displayed colorful mosaic patterns that resembled intricate fish scales, while others wore designs that echoed elements of bondage and high fashion. The models’ confidence and the innovative designs combined to create a memorable spectacle.

In addition to the fashion, the show featured dynamic performances. Some models broke out into dance moves as they were being taped, adding an element of live artistry to the event. The energy was further amplified by breakdancing performances, with Álvarez himself joining in, and live electric guitar shredding that enthralled the audience. The runway transformed into a stage where fashion and performance art converged, captivating everyone present.

The Black Tape Project’s shows have consistently made headlines and gone viral since their debut at New York Fashion Week in 2018. The brand’s provocative and avant-garde designs have garnered a global following, pushing the boundaries of conventional swimwear and fashion. The upcoming show at San Diego Swim Week, scheduled from July 10 to 14, promises to deliver more stunning and innovative creations.

Álvarez’s dedication to his craft and his ability to transform a simple material like duct tape into high-fashion designs have made The Black Tape Project a standout in the fashion world. Each show not only showcases his creativity but also highlights the potential for innovation in fashion design.

As Miami Swim Week 2024 draws to a close, The Black Tape Project’s memorable presentation continues to resonate with attendees and fashion enthusiasts alike. The event served as a testament to the endless possibilities in fashion, where even everyday materials can be reimagined into extraordinary works of art.

With the brand’s next show on the horizon, fashion lovers eagerly await the next wave of creative designs that will undoubtedly continue to push the limits of style and imagination. The fusion of unconventional materials and high fashion exemplifies how the fashion industry continually evolves, embracing new ideas and challenging traditional norms. This innovative spirit ensures that each show remains fresh and exciting, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide.

Designer Drakhan Blackhart and the models celebrate at the finale of the runway for The Black Tape Project fashion show

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