Scout Willis Goes Topless on the Streets of New York . . . For a Cause

Scout Willis Shares Relatable Reaction to Sister Rumer Willis' Pregnancy

As it turns out, it’s legal for both men and women to walk around New York City topless—so long as the women are not being paid to do so. And Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, exercised her right to do just that, and shared the proof on Instagram. That is, until Instagram deleted her account. Here is one of the tweets, which we’ve black-barred; Scout’s original, uncensored tweets can be seen here and here.

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Despite what you might assume about narcissistic children of Hollywood, Willis is baring all for a cause, to protest Instagram’s blanket refusal to allow images that are “nude” or even “partially nude.” The policy results in images of breastfeeding moms and breast cancer survivors being censored from the site Using the hashtag #FreetheNipple, Scout and others have been protesting Instagram’s policy—but few quite as boldly as the child of movie stars, willing to walk down the streets of New York topless and then tweet about it.

Scout Willis posts topless pics protesting Instagram policy - Los Angeles Times

As of this writing, Willis’s Instagram account remains suspended; she has changed her Twitter avatar to a shot of Rihanna, another celeb who may have run afoul of Instagram’s nudity policy. The shot? Rihanna topless on the cover of Liu magazine, naturally.

Given that Scout’s was in her mom’s belly when she posed for one of the most famous nude photos of all time, we imagine she’s made her family proud.

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