Mum Turns To P@rn So She Can Buy More Christmas Presents For Her Son

A mum has turned to p*rn in a bid to give her son the perfect Christmas.

Megan Clara, 20, says she was gutted last year when her son Ashton, five, complained that he didn’t receive the same expensive presents as his mates.

The single mum, who survived on £80 a week, bought him an Etch A Sketch, cuddly toys and new clothes.

But after seeing his disappointed face, she vowed to make Christmas 2015 one to remember – and has spent the year making adult films, earning £500 a scene, to give her family a five-star festive celebration.

Megan, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, said: ‘Last Christmas I could barely scrape any money together, it was really tough and I couldn’t help but worry Ashton was going to be left out and disappointed.

Megan spent £1,500 on her son for Christmas this year (Picture: CATERS)

‘My son has always been high maintenance and never seemed happy with the Christmas presents I could afford.

‘He has always wanted what his friends had but I didn’t have the spare cash for expensive toys.’

Megan has spent almost £1500 on her son this Christmas, compared to the £100 spent last year.

She says she receives backlash from her chosen carer path but brands those people ‘jealous’.

Megan said: ‘People say he’s spoilt but he’s not, he’s my only son and I finally have the money to get him really nice things.

‘I do glamour modelling and s*x films, I enjoy what I do and I’m not hurting anyone else, some people are just jealous.


‘I can spend my money how I like too, I don’t spend it on alcohol, drugs or smoking, why shouldn’t I spend it on Ashton and myself.’

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