Two Teachers Resign After ‘Offering Fours@me’ And Sharing Lingerie Pics With Student On School Trip

Two high school business teachers in Wisconsin were forced to resign after district officials found out they’d been trying to s*duce one of their students by offering him a f@ursome — with one of the pervy pair even sending scantily clad photos to his Snapchat account.

Alexsia Saldaris, a first-year teacher, and Jennifer Larson, an 11-year veteran, left their jobs in April after an investigation by officials at Joseph Craig High School in Janesville unearthed the racy messages, according to WMTV 15 in Madison.

Both allegedly admitted to inappropriately Snapchatting the unidentified male student, whose age has not been released — with Saldaris acknowledging she’d sent the risqué pictures and Larson admitting she’d sent messages about “cuddling, flirting, and the implication of alc*h*l.”

Linkedin / Alexsia Saldaris

Much of the scandal revolves around a school trip that lasted from April 7 to 9 — which is when the district says both teachers sent the student messages saying they wanted to cuddle and “have fun” with him.

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